Petition to Stop the Back Bay Billionaires’ Pipeline

Proposed map of downtown Boston pipeline
One proposed route of the downtown gas pipeline; help us stop it from snaking into our city!

We don’t want or need any more fossil-fuel infrastructure in Boston; more gas pipelines mean more fracked gas, more carbon emissions, and no chance of reaching Boston’s stated carbon-free goals.

Sign Our Petition Asking Mayor Walsh to Stop the Back Bay Billionaires' Pipeline

Dear Mayor Walsh,

We support your commitment to a carbon-free Boston by 2050. New gas infrastructure like the proposed pipeline in the Back Bay/South End undermines that commitment and is inconsistent with attempts to meet your stated goals. Therefore, we urge you to do everything in your power to stop the construction of this pipeline and the approval of any other gas pipelines from being built in our city. We call on you to be a courageous leader, demonstrating to the national and international communities an unwavering commitment to a carbon-free future.

Boston Clean Energy Coalition

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