City Council Hearing on Net-Zero-Carbon Incentives/Requirements for Boston Buildings

Date: December 11, 2017
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Boston City Hall, Council Chambers, 5th Floor

What: City Council Hearing on Net-Zero-Carbon Buildings in Boston
When: Monday, December 11, at 2 pm
Where: City Hall, City Council Chambers, Fifth Floor

For most cities, including Boston, buildings are the largest cause of carbon emissions. Please attend this important hearing in support of testimony from building/development/academic experts on net zero, advocates for a carbon-free Boston, and members of the administration about why we must address how we plan to fuel the 70 million square feet of new development planned for the city. If we just move forward with the natural gas as currently slated, we will destroy any hope we have of meeting the Mayor’s stated goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. Use of fossil fuels needs to be curtailed, and our buildings must instead focus on employing renewable energy. Please consider stating why you support this effort to move to NZ carbon during the public testimony portion of the hearing; everyone is welcome to speak for two minutes; sign up when you arrive at the hearing.

Experts Panel
Bob Biggio, VP, Facilities, Boston Medical Center
Joan Fitzgerald, Prof., Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern
Christopher Schaffner, The Green Engineer
Jana Silsby, Perkins and Eastman

Mayoral Panel (Invited)
Austin Blackmon, Chief of Environment, Energy & Open Space
John Cleveland, Green Ribbon Commission
John Dalzell, BPDA
Lourdes Lopez, Renew Boston

Advocates Panel
Andee Krasner, Mothers Out Front
Brita Lundberg, MD, environmental-health specialist
Rev. Mariama White-Hammond, minister for ecological justice
Carol Oldham, Boston Clean Energy Coalition

Background: During the Boston City Council meeting on August 2, Councilor Matt O’Malley, Chair of the Council’s Environment and Sustainability Committee, introduced an order calling for a hearing to consider the benefits of developing net-zero-carbon requirements and incentives for future construction in Boston. All 12 of his fellow City Councilors spoke up in support by co-sponsoring the order. BCEC worked with Councilor O’Malley’s office to propose this effort and will partner with him and the City Council to bring this strategic plan to fruition.