City Council Tackles Net-Zero-Carbon Requirements for New Buildings (again)

On November 19, 2020, Councilor Matt O’Malley held a (virtual) Boston City Council hearing to revisit previous efforts to promote net-zero-carbon (NZC) requirements for all new buildings as the city continues to undergo its second-largest development boom in history. Much has changed in the intervening three-plus years since Councilor O’Malley—with the support of BCEC—first raised the need to focus on reducing emissions from buildings (responsible for more than 70% of Boston’s GHG emissions) if the city is going to meet its carbon-neutral goals.

Our Statement of Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

The Boston Clean Energy Coalition (BCEC) stands in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives and all those working toward racial justice. BCEC was established in early 2017 to address the growing existential crisis of climate catastrophe, with a particular focus on grassroots organizing. The destabilization of our global climate is rooted in the same exploitative and […]

USGBC-MA study: “Zero Energy Buildings in MA: Saving Money from the Start”

Whenever we talk to neighborhood associations or developers or others about building proposals and advocate for all-electric net-zero-carbon construction, everyone’s first question is always, “How much extra will it cost?” This important and highly anticipated report just released from the Massachusetts chapter of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) finds that zero energy buildings are a great investment and are less expensive than stakeholders have previously assumed.

Parody Video: A Monument to Excess Rising in Boston’s Back Bay

By Chuck Collins, Institute for Policy Studies

“The City of Boston, when it should be working vigorously to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is allowing housing for the superrich that locks the city into new fossil fuel infrastructure. . . . ” Read the rest of the article and view the parody video by clicking the “Read More” button below.