BCEC members are providing aid to Merrimack Valley victims of gas explosions

Families in the Merrimack Valley who are back in their homes but have no gas and can’t cook meals are being aided by deliveries of free induction cooktops. BCEC members Nathan Phillips and Ania Camargo and their Gas Leaks Allies groups have raised over $10,000 toward the cooktops on a GoFundMe page and through donations from cooktop makers.

Community Choice Energy for Boston: Council Hearing on Implementation May 30

Councilor Wu called for a City Council hearing to look into the lack of implementation progress on CCE for Boston and to consider all the reasons the City should move forward with this important initiative and not wait for the Carbon Free Boston program to issue its full report this fall, pending implementation months later. The hearing was held on May 30 in City Hall.

Back Bay/South End Pipeline: AG Opposes Price Break Deal for One Dalton

Attorney General Maura Healey filed a brief on Tuesday, Jan. 23, regarding National Grid’s request for approval of a special contract with luxury-real-estate developer One Dalton LLC. recommending that the state’s Department of Public Utilities (DPU) deny the request. The requested deal constituted a price break for One Dalton on a gas main and also allowed for the developer to avoid energy-efficiency charges. Healey cited that such a contract would “set a precedent that would allow customers with the greatest economic resources to avoid paying their full capital investment obligations and obtain special distribution rates at the expense of other customers.”

City Council Hearing to Consider Net-Zero-Carbon Incentives for New Buildings

On Dec. 11, 2017, the Boston City Council—working with BCEC—held a hearing to consider the benefits of developing net-zero-carbon requirements and incentives for future construction in Boston. Attended by more than 100 people, the hearing included three panels: Representatives of the City’s Environment Committee and BPDA; experts including an architect, engineer, facilities VP, and academic; and advocates. Many individuals gave “public testimony” as well. For details, click “Read More” below.

BCEC was represented on the Advocates Panel by MCAN; this is an excerpt from that testimony: “What is needed is a bold and more immediate plan that focuses on the built environment, which we know is responsible for between 50 and 80 percent of Boston’s climate change-causing emissions. We need to launch a planning process now that influences how buildings are built today by making them all electric, and we need to do this while the Carbon Free Boston study is going on.” Click “Read More” below to see full testimony.

Walk for Renewables: No Back Bay Pipeline

(Posted August 2, 2017)
On August 1, more than 50 people—including elected officials and faith leaders—gathered in front of the Boston Public Library to speak and then march against the plans to build additional gas pipelines in downtown Boston.

BCEC Letter to the Editor of the Boston Globe, published July 23, 2017

(Posted July 23, 2017)
In Surge of Development, We Must Keep Our Climate Goals in Mind
“While we appreciate the Globe’s running an article on the energy efficiency, or lack thereof, inherent in the current use of glass envelopes for high-rise buildings in Boston (“It’s all too clear,” Ideas, July 16), the article dances around the true issue . . .”