MSNBC Video: Deregulated Gas “Flaring” Causes Health and Environmental Impacts

Much of what you hear in this report will not surprise you. But more people need to know. Please share this video widely; the producer and reporter have stated that whether NBC greenlights future stories on the subject—which they want to do—depends upon on how well this story does online. We need as many views of the story as possible to get future stories focusing on this topic.

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Net-Zero-Carbon Municipal Buildings for Boston?

On March 21, 2019, Councilors O’Malley and Wu held a City Council hearing as a first step to determining if they have support to require that all new municipal buildings henceforward will be net-zero carbon (NZC). This makes sense as the only course of action in light of the findings of the Carbon Free Boston Summary Report, released earlier this year. (See post below for more details about that report.) The report indicates that to meet the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 promised by Mayor Walsh, all 87,000 buildings in Boston need to be NZC; any new construction henceforward should be NZC at the outset or it will just need to be retrofitted at great expense at a later date.

Bill McKibben: “A Future without Fossil Fuels?”

This is an excerpt from Bill McKibben’s piece in the April 4 issue of The New York Review of Books:

“Over the last decade, there has been a staggering fall in the price of solar and wind power, and of the lithium-ion batteries used to store energy. This has led to rapid expansion of these technologies, even though they are still used much less than fossil fuels: in 2017, for instance, sun and wind produced just 6 percent of the world’s electric supply, but they made up 45 percent of the growth in supply, and the cost of sun and wind power continues to fall by about 20 percent with each doubling of capacity. . . . Analysis suggests that in the next few years, they will represent all the growth. We will then reach peak use of fossil fuels, not because we’re running out of them but because renewables will have become so cheap that anyone needing a new energy supply will likely turn to solar or wind power.”

BCEC members are providing aid to Merrimack Valley victims of gas explosions

Families in the Merrimack Valley who are back in their homes but have no gas and can’t cook meals are being aided by deliveries of free induction cooktops. BCEC members Nathan Phillips and Ania Camargo and their Gas Leaks Allies groups have raised over $10,000 toward the cooktops on a GoFundMe page and through donations from cooktop makers.

Campaign for Net-Zero-Carbon Buildings Continues in 2019

Councilor O’Malley’s first order of NZC business in the new year was to refile (per City Council requirements when a new calendar year begins) hearing orders. Toward this end, on January 16, he refiled a slightly reworded order to amend the definition of the floor area ratio (FAR) when developers are constructing a net-zero-carbon building as well as an order requiring all new municipal buildings be net-zero carbon.

Community Choice Energy for Boston: Council Hearing on Implementation May 30

Councilor Wu called for a City Council hearing to look into the lack of implementation progress on CCE for Boston and to consider all the reasons the City should move forward with this important initiative and not wait for the Carbon Free Boston program to issue its full report this fall, pending implementation months later. The hearing was held on May 30 in City Hall.

The People’s Petition, from BCEC to Mayor Walsh

Dear Mayor Walsh: We appeal to you to do everything in your power to accelerate the transition of the city of Boston away from an economy based on fossil fuels toward a new economy that creates green jobs, promotes sustainable development, shifts our communities toward a more democratic and equitable power grid, and elevates renewable systems of energy generation and use.

DPU Rejects Special National Grid Contract for Back Bay/South End Pipeline

National Grid had requested approval for a contract related to the financing of the Back Bay/South End gas pipeline project that would have given developers of luxury high-rise One Dalton a special deal. Thanks to opposition led by BCEC, with consultation from MassPLAN, many Boston residents testified against this sweetheart deal at the DPU hearing, and the Attorney General’s office was also present to voice opposition.