Boston Opts In to the State’s Specialized Building Code

BCEC sent the following email to the Boston City Councilors asking them to support the vote to opt in to the Specialized Code. Many calls were also made to the councilors prior to the vote by members of organizations that are part of the coalition.

March 25, 2023,
Dear Councilor ________,

On behalf of the Boston Clean Energy Coalition, I am writing to ask you to vote on Wednesday in favor of the ordinance (docket #0606) opting in to DOER’s Municipal Opt-in Specialized Stretch Energy Code, which will encourage construction of all-electric and electric-ready buildings. As you likely are aware, Boston’s buildings are responsible for at least 70% or our greenhouse gas emissions and if we expect to meet our carbon-reduction goals we must promote construction that does not burn fossil fuels. The updated Stretch Energy code also “requires energy-conservation measures to reduce heating and cooling demand and creates a strong standard to ensure buildings are more resilient to power outages while enabling efficiency, electrification, and affordability,” as stated in the Mayor’s release regarding this ordinance.

As a Green New Deal City, Boston should adopt the Specialized Code and show leadership in the state by doing so. Six other towns and cities in Massachusetts have already voted to opt in to the code, and dozens more are planning to in their upcoming spring town meetings. Please be among the Boston City Councilors who show support for this leadership and vote yes on Wednesday.

Thank you for responding to confirm if you plan to vote in favor of docket #0606.

Boston Clean Energy Coalition