New Director of Planning Announced

February 2023

The following is from the BPDA’s press release dated February 8, 2023:

Chief of Planning Arthur Jemison today announced the hiring of Aimee Chambers, AICP as the new Director of Planning. Her professional experience includes a wide range of planning and urban design work from affordable housing development to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure design. The planning team led by Chambers, which is currently housed at the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA), will move to a new City Planning & Design Department, which was announced by Mayor Wu in her 2023 State of the City, to restore planning as a core function of City government. As the City Planning & Design Department is being formed to drive the city’s planning function, the BPDA will continue to build out a strong planning team to deliver on the Mayor’s vision for resilient, affordable, equitable growth.