Boston’s CCE 100% Renewable Electricity Now Costs Less than Eversource Basic

Boston Community Choice Electricity
Better rates than Eversource Basic through December 2023

Municipal aggregation of the purchase of electricity for all Boston residents and small businesses—known as Boston Community Choice Electricity, or BCEC—became the default electricity supply for Boston residents starting in February 2021. BCCE offers three tiers from which to choose: Optional Basic (18% renewable electricity), Standard (28% renewable electricity) and Optional Green 100 (100% renewable electricity). In the rates negotiated for Boston starting in December 2021 and ending December 2023, customers can receive 100% renewable, clean electricity—cutting carbon emissions citywide dramatically—at a lower cost than Eversource is charging for their Basic option. This is a milestone to be taken advantage of! Please opt up to 100% renewable electricity now!

From Boston’s press release about these newest rates:
The Standard BCCE rate is the default option for Boston residents. Boston residents may choose to “opt up” to enroll in the Optional Green 100 rate, with 100% of electricity coming from local, renewable energy sources, like solar or wind. By opting up, residents can support the City of Boston in reducing carbon emissions, improving local air quality, and lessening the impacts of the climate crisis in our communities. With Eversource rates increasing for the winter [2021-22], Community Choice Electricity’s Optional Green 100 plan will be nearly two cents less per kWh than Eversource’s basic residential rate. For average residential users, that is a savings of about $70 over a six month period for 100% renewable content compared to Eversource’s 18%, the state requirement for renewable electricity. Residents may opt up to CCE’s Optional Green 100 at any time.

BCCE is the single best way for Boston to most rapidly and most profoundly reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions and a crucial step in the effort to combat climate change and make our city healthier and greener for every resident. Please consider opting up to 100% green electricity and do your part to join this citywide effort!

For more information on CCE, please visit the City’s website here. Webinars and office hours are offered by the City, as well as general information on the website.