City Council Unanimously Votes for Community Choice Energy

BCEC members have fully and vigorously supported Community Choice Energy for Boston

On Oct. 3, 2017, the City Council held a public hearing attended by more than 200 people to consider authorizing the adoption of Community Choice Energy (CCE) in Boston. On Oct. 4, the Council voted unanimously to do so, and Oct. 10, Mayor Walsh signed the authorization. This effort was led by District Councilor Matt O’Malley and At-Large Councilor Michelle Wu. The steps for implementation will be overseen by an Advisory Committee, the DOER, and the DPU.

Read the City Council news report on CCE here
Watch the City Council Meeting vote here
Watch the CCE Hearing here

CCE has been proven to be the single most effective way for municipalities to aggregate their electricity buying to stabilize rates and increase access to renewable energy for residents of all incomes. It is time for Boston to join the many towns around us who have already adopted CCE and give our residents the same benefits: competitive rates with more protection from the winter price spikes we are subjected to and affordable clean energy for all Bostonians. It is the right thing to do and time for Boston to reduce greenhouse gases and stabilize our electricity rates by adopting CCE.

The Boston Clean Energy Coalition enthusiastically supports Community Choice Energy (CCE) for Boston because it will accelerate our transition to a renewable energy future in an equitable fashion. On August 2, City Council President Michelle Wu introduced an authorization order filed by herself and Councilor Matt O’Malley to explore CCE for Boston that was co-sponsored by 8 city councilors. (Watch the videoTo learn more about Community Choice Energy, click here.